Tree Nuts in Hiding

Tree nuts.  They are lurking everywhere.  People with tree nut allergies aren't just weary of baked goods and halloween candy. It is important to always be on guard. At a restaurant, you need to ask questions. Be certain. Don't worry about being "that annoying customer", your life or someone you care about's life depends on it.  Always read product labels. You really never know where tree nuts may be hiding.  Be cautious and take your time.  Recently I asked one of my Facebook tree nut support groups the question, "Where's the weirdest place (food or product) you've found tree nuts hidden?".  I was blown away by the responses.  So I compiled a list below to share with the everyone. 



1. Baby wipes. Certain brands contain almond oil.  
2. Baby Lotion
3. Burts Bees Products
4. Shampoo – Certain brands contain almond oil.
5. Lip balm
6. MooGoo Eczema cream contains almond Oil.
7. Cetaphil lotion (contains almond oil)
8. Mascara – Certain brands contain almond oil.
9. Cat litter - apparently some are made from crushed walnut shells (who knew!)
10. Pet Food
11. Vitamins
12. Cleaning Products
13. Laundry detergent


14. Frozen seafood (particularly a brand from Trader Joe's)
15. Caesar dressing/Caesar salad.  Some restaurants sprinkle cashews on it.  
16. Instant mashed potatoes (Walmart/Great value brand)
17. Mashed potatoes (apparently some people put walnuts in their mashed potatoes - sounds weird to me!)
18. Soy sauce
19. Lettuce (manufactured in a facility)
20. Pizza Dough
21. Can of corn (Walmart/Great Value brand)
22. Sausages
23. Whole wheat flour
24. Lupin flour
25. Jar of olives
26. Sushi (apparently some places put cashew nuts in sushi)
27. Sun dried tomatoes
28. Sultanas
29. Raisins
30 Chicken coating
31. Pie Crust
32. Mayonaise - restaurants often add pesto to mayo (which contains tree nuts)
33. Soups
34. Tortilla Chips
35. Fruit snacks
36. Biscuit dough
37. Bread buns
38. Korean chicken
39. Ketchup (Not Heinz Ketchup - but certain specialty ketchups contain tree nuts)
40. Porridge
41. Dried lentils
42. Yeast
43. Vital wheat gluten
44. Bacon (restaurants sometimes smoke the bacon with nut woods) 
45. Chicken Broth
46. Lunch meat (especially at a deli, pistachios are common!)


47. Peach iced tea
48. Half and half Cream
49. Orange juice (manufactured in shared equipment)
50.  Juice powder

Note: Not all brands are created the same. Certain products may contain tree nuts, while others may not.  It is important to do your research.  Read labels.  Call facilities. Talk to wait staff.  Ensure people know how severe the allergy is, so you are taken seriously. 

Where's the weirdest place you've ever found tree nuts?  Comment below!