Oh hey there!  Remember me?  It's been a long while since I've actually blogged.  A whole crapload has happened.  Another human entered our lives.  We've seen Cars 3.  We put a pool in our backyard! I'm telling you, a lot has happened.

I stopped blogging about a year and a half ago.  Why? I found out I was pregnant and exhaustion hit pretty hard soon after. Then the nausea. I didn't have it too bad, but to sit on my computer at the end of a long day to write about food was not something I could wrap my head around.  Then when I started regaining my energy I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes and that was another fun obstacle to deal with.


I've always tried to bake/cook everything from scratch for Fletcher.  I mean I'm not perfect but I did my best.  For daycare I'd always provide his lunch. Yup, he'd be the weird kid with zucchini noodles, but he was ok with that.  But throughout my pregnancy I started getting lazy. I'm not perfect.  I didn't fall completely off the wagon but I started giving him more packaged stuff like Enjoy Life snacks and more recently Made Good products. I also started buying Daiya Cheesecakes instead of baking my own stuff for when he got invited to a birthday party.  I also started re-introducing some foods on his intolerance list, to see if he could handle them.  All was good for a while.  


Fast forward a few months.  I was able to control my gestational diabetes with a little help from my homegirl Lily Nichols.  I swear to me, she's cooler than Jennifer Lawrence.  Her dietary advice (Real Food for Gestational Diabetes) helped me stay off insulin and also experience the home birth I was really hoping for.  

So boom, out pops our daughter Ophelia (Fefe for short) on January 4, 2018 in a kiddie pool in our basement.  I'll probably blog about this later because it was a really cool experience.  So that's all I'll give you for now. 

Ophelia had some early allergy symptoms that were similar to Fletcher as a baby.  Mostly her eczema, but her excessive puking was a red flag to me too. I tried cutting dairy from my diet but that didn't help. We also had an incident with peanut butter on her face. She got red everywhere it touched (and more).  Soon after we saw our allergist and she was diagnosed with a peanut allergy and we scheduled blood work to see how severe it might be.  Our allergist also decided to send Fletcher for blood work at the same time.  Shocker, he has never actually gotten blood work for his allergies.  Ophelia was diagnosed with a peanut, sesame and egg white allergy.  Fletch with a cashew, pistachio, milk, egg and borderline sesame allergy.  He's had hummus a ton, so the sesame one was a shocker, he's done more testing since and we've been given the ok to keep giving it to him.


So long story, long, we now have 2 kids with food allergies.  Good thing I kept this domain, right!?  There's always a bright side.

I'm now taking the path to get Fletcher's intolerances under control again, going for testing soon and going to start the whole super strict diet again.  I have a pretty good feeling that Ophelia will have similar struggles, so at least I'm getting good experience, right (bright side)? 

This blog was a bit of a ramble.  If you are still reading, thanks mom!  I have some actual ideas to write about now, so I'm hoping to start blogging more, but I figured I should probably do an update one first.  In a nutshell we had a baby, Cars 3 was decent, Ophelia is an allergic kid too, Fletcher is still allergic, Finley still has no allergies, Hunter got his license, we now have a pool. Life is pretty crazy and wonderful.  More posts coming soon.