WHy is my kid allergic to (insert food here)?

I don't know.  I ask myself the same question everyday. Do you know? Can you tell me?  Was it something I ate when I was pregnant? The GMO's?  Was it because my husband has asthma? Did my great uncle pass on the gene to him? Was it because I ate too many or too little (insert food here) when I was breastfeeding? I don't know. Does anybody know?  I'm not an expert. I'm just dealing.  I'd love to hear what you think!

Are you really a mother?

Yes. I even gave birth. 4 times. One time, I even accidentally gave birth in a tub.  True story.  Has nothing to do with allergies, but it's a fun story. One time I did it on purpose.




Duh.  And it's going to put Martha to shame.  For clarification, I'm talking about Martha Stewart, not Martha Washington.  Scratch that I'm talking about both of them. Especially Martha Washington, I don't even think she wrote a cookbook.


Are you making up these Frequently asked questions?

Yes, every single one.  But if you ask a question more than once, perhaps I will add it in.  Go ahead.  Try me!  I love questions.